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Two secrets to ensure your Dachshund will never pee on the carpet again.

Firstly puppies have no control over their bladders or bowels, so don’t expect too much, too soon. Be Realistic. They never ever want to toilet in their beds. Their mothers have taught them to keep the bed area clean.

So what are the signs that your Dachshund puppy needs to go to the toilet? The may sniff the ground. They may circle around the ground. They may start to whine or they may go to a door.

Secret number one; It is YOUR responsibility.

If you see it as YOUR responsibility to take your dogs and outside at regular intervals. Starting around 45 minutes after eating after playing after any excitement, including visitors coming around after sleeping or having any rest, keeping a close eye and supervising them at all times then over time, your 45 minutes will increase. Keep a diary if you need to or set your phone alarm.

If they still have accidents during this time. Then have more frequent toilet breaks, so reduce down to, 40 minutes or even further and work up. Take them out every 40 minutes. It’s your responsibility, your Dachshund has no idea where you want them to toilet or why you want them to go outside, but we have to teach them. When you get out of there, go armed with super tasty rewards and have a party, have an absolute party. When they do something that want them to do outside, they will soon learn that this is what they need to do to get rewards from you.

Secret number two: Never Ever Punish

Never ever punish your Dachshund puppy for going to the toilet in the house or any other reason in fact. Accidents will happen so never punish whether you are there or not,. Let them finish what they doing and clean it up immediately using something that’s ammonia free. We use a product called simple solutions, but you can also use biological washing powder.

Do a test area first to check any colour fading.

The reason that we don’t punish is that you can become very scary very quickly to a new puppy if you punish them. If you punish them you could cause yourself to become really scary to them. So your puppy might think, well, I’m not going to go to the toilet infront of you because you told me off or worse. So they may think to themselves, I’m just going to clear off and do it under the table or behind the sofa -out of your view! Out of that scary person’s view, some food for thought.

If you follow these two secrets, there is no reason that your dachshund puppy can’t be fully house trained by six months, if not before. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself but take it as its your responsibility and feel like you have allowed them to wee in the house. So therefore that takes any of the punishment side away from it.

Remember always be kind, Take care. Bye.

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