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We often forget just how hot or Dachshunds can get. Their pads can burn, and they can become heat-exhausted really quickly at just a two-degree temperature raise.

This can have devastating results.

Tip number one,

Essential walks only, early morning and late evening.


Early morning before the sun comes out, before the pavements get hot.

Late evening, after the sun’s gone, when it’s cooled down.

Tip number two,

Test the pavement with your hand. It’s called the five-second rule. If you can’t put your hand on the pavement and keep it there for a whole five seconds, it’s too hot to walk your Dachshund. Each year, hundreds of Dachshunds are seeing adverts for burnt pads that really could be prevented.

Tip number three,

Never ever leave your Dachshund unattended in a car. They can die. It’s as simple as that. Don’t do it.

Tip number four,

Always carry water. You can provide it to your Dachshund for a drink while you’re out on your walk. You can also pour it on them. You can also use it in an emergency situation if you need to cover a blanket to cool your Dachshund down if they have got too hot and are signs of overheating.

Tip number five,

Play games indoors.

Not having a daily walk will not kill your Dachshund, but a hot walk could.

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