Hi guys, Katie Saywell here from the Dogs Code. Just wanted to have a chat with you really about fireworks and Bonfire Night. I’ve got the five top tips before Bonfire Night begins. The last one being the most important so carry on reading. I don’t know about you, but fireworks are already going off in my area.

First one would be walk your dog before dark. People don’t set fireworks off in the light. Well, they might do, but they’re not as much fun. So make sure your dog is properly exercised and been to the toilet.

Tip number two, feed your dog. Once the fireworks start, your dog may feel that unsettled that they don’t want to eat. And who can blame them, really?

Tip number three, make sure your house and garden are secure. I cannot stress this enough. The fear that is put into a dog during fireworks going off may make them want to escape. So make sure it’s secure.

Tip number four, try and settle your dog before the fireworks start. If they’re in familiar surroundings, this will help your dog cope with the noises.

Tip number five, provide a safe hiding place. Might be a different room, might be room they love, might be a bedroom, might be the bathroom, might be under the table, might be under the sofa, behind the sofa. It might be their crate. Let them go to it. If they’re happy to go there, then let them go there. Don’t force them to do anything during the fireworks going off. It’s not a pleasant time for all dogs.

The other things you can do are close your curtains, turn the TV volume up, turn the radio volume up, put your lights on. Don’t sit in the dark because the pops, the bangs, the bright lights, they all add to the fear and the stress.

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