Professional and compassionate

After my Dachshund bit my daughter I was in a positiion where I was going to rehome him. After lengthy discussions with a rehoming charity, they recommended I speak to Katie and see if his behaviour was something we could work with. I booked an appointment and Katie came to my home and met my doggies. She was professional and compassionate from the start and her love for the breed was obvious. The 12 session was incredibly insightful and we were able to unpick the behaviour and find out what the issue had been. After the session we (as a family) were able to make the decision to keep him and work together to ensure there wasn’t a repeat incident. Katie gave us lots of advice and helpful training tips and this has led to a much more relaxed environmentfor us. I look forward to working with Katie again, with one of our other Dachshunds that has reactivity issues. I have every confidence that she will help and would definitely recommend her to others looking for help with big or small issues.

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