A big thank you

A big thank you to Katie Saywell, for helping me with my two boys over the last few months! (Especially as she only works with Dachshund owners!!) My boys have been a handful, to say the least! – When I used to walk them together it was a nightmare, always pulling on their leads and constant barking!!Even some places I knew I couldn’t walk them or let them off their leads. Very stressful But now they are as good as gold and its an actual joy to walk them and let them off their leads! – Also, I have been so frustrated with how stubborn they have been. (I know Dachshunds are known for that), but I think they took it to a new level! They wouldn’t listen and do what is asked/told! But finally, they actually listen to their Dad and Mum and do what we ask without wasting time! I know it is down to myself to give them the time, to train them, but as a busy professional it can be quite a task and to be honest, I felt so guilty that I didn’t know HOW to train them and that I didn’t start training them sooner! So I am very grateful. I now have the perfect dogs!! If we end up getting a third, I know who I’ll be coming too!

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