3 ways you are encouraging your dachshunds unwanted behaviours

Hi guys, Katie Saywell here, the owner and founder of The Dog’s Code. www.thedogscode.com is where you’ll find us. The Dog’s Code is a training and coaching company, and we specialise in dachshunds, doxies, doxis, sausage dogs, wiener dogs. The ones with the short legs and the long bodies. They’re the ones. If you want to get in touch, then please do so at the website. Today what I’d like to talk about is the three ways in which you could be reinforcing your dachshund’s unwanted behaviour without realising.

The first one is eye contact. Number one, eye contact. Just by looking at your dogs when they’re doing something that you don’t want them to do, they could take as a green light to go ahead. So when they drop that ball in front of you and start barking, and you look at them and you give them eye contact, they could see that as, “Yeah, game on. They want to play. I’m going to carry on barking.” Just one example.

Way number two, verbal. Stereotypical, a bark. When your dachshund’s barking and you say, “For goodness’ sake, shut up,” they could take that as a green light to continue thinking that actually you’re just joining in their bark with the verbal communication from a human to a dachshund. So you walk in the house and they jump on you, and you say, “Oh, get off. Yes, hello. Hi.” They take that as “Mum wants more of this,” will… to repeat that even more.

Way number three, physical touch. We’ll use the jumping example again. So your dog jumps up, jumps up towards your knee, and you push them away gently or you touch them and you pat them. Your dachshund could see that as being rewarded by being touched. We all know that they’re snuggle monsters. We know this, and that’s what they could be reading from us. So, eye contact, verbal and touch. These are the three ways you could be reinforcing unwanted behavior without realizing.

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