The 12 days of Christmas… in the following blog we hope to reduce the amount of stress put on you during the festive period. What your Dachshund may get up to and really looking at the festive season through their eyed.

How to keep your Dachshund safe during Christmas?

Day one…

Each day until Christmas we will be sharing top tips on keeping your dachshunds safe over the festive period

Starting today with celebrations Let’s face it, it’s been a tough year and likely more to come! Celebrations can be stressful for our dogs, give them time, space and a place to rest where they don’t have to interact if they don’t want to

Day two… Presents

Not all presents are for our dogs!! They don’t understand that some can be harmful and will happily eat what they find. Things to avoid, chocolate either hanging on the tree or in presents underneath – it’s toxic and can land you a unnecessary vet bill. If you can’t supervise then secure your dachshund in another place or room

Day three…more toxic foods.

Grapes & raisins (including sultanas) and some nuts including macadamia are toxic to dogs

Mince pies, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, panettone should be avoided at all costs. Keep them out of reach, have an extra bite yourself don’t be tempted to share!

Day four…Plan ahead take their familiar own bed!

If your staying away from home and using a new bed or place to sleep introduce it now, don’t wait until you get to your destination.

When your there show them around and show them where their bed is – in a quiet accessible spot.

Day five…Alcohol – enjoy your drinks!

Have a great time but none for your Dachshund it’s another hidden toxin for them. Not so cheers eh?

Clear away all glasses and soak up any spillages so they aren’t tempted or left with easy access to a quick sweep of left over drinks

Day six…counter surfer?

Tucking into the turkey

If your Dachshund enjoys worktop surfing then a dinner table will be no problem to get onto. Set the scene, you’ve worked hard all morning prepping, cooking, entertaining your rushing around popping food onto the table, the turkey is first to be given pride of place, as you return from the kitchen little Frank is on the table tucking into the turkey. Ooops, get those chairs tucked in and close doors to rooms

Day seven…Family

Over the recent months your Dachshund may not have met your family, so as much as you love them remember they may be strangers to your dogs.

Introduce gently, without a big fuss, be matter of fact and if they don’t want to engage then just give them space. Some dogs prefer to watch from a distance

Day eight…Fireworks

Fireworks – will happen

If your Dachshund gets worried about fireworks, before they start make sure you have been for a walk, they have been fed and been to the toilet. That saves scary trips to the toilet or presents inside from being scared. Close curtains, turn up the tv and give them something to do to distract from the noise. Sometimes pheromone plug ins will help (Adaptil). If they want to hide – let them. Give them a safe place to go. Even if that’s tucked in your armpit or snuggling around your neck!

Day nine…gifts

Gifts for your dachshund. The majority of gifts, toys, chews etc need to be given with supervision and moderation. You may need to hold on to part of a chew or play with them with a new toy. Have you purchased a gift for your Dachshund?

Day ten…Children

Children, at Christmas can be super scary to your dog if they haven’t met them before. They are fast, excitable and potentially scary. It’s your responsibility to keep everyone safe the best thing you can do is have plenty of space. If your Dachshund looks uncomfortable rescue them. Children need to be educated – when your dog is eating, sleeping or greeting give them space let them make the choice if they want to interact. Give your dog an escape route, that might even be your lap where they feel safe, don’t let anyone invade that space

Day eleven…Handling

Handling, our dachshunds may tolerate us cuddling, petting hugging and kissing them but may not be keen on a new family member (who may be they just met) acting this way. Keep your Dachshund calm, a nice walk or big of exercise followed by a slow brain game maybe a lick mat or kong to calm them before the visitors arrive. Think where your Dachshund will be when the door knocks

Day twelve…seconds anyone???

Give your dog their own food don’t be tempted to over feed them, avoid turkey skin. Take your time, don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Enjoy your day and Merry Christmas x