Top 3 secrets of being a Dachshund owner

The top three training secrets that you must know being a Dachshund owner. I’m Katie Saywell. I’m the owner and founder of The Dogs Code, www.TheDogsCode.com is where you will find us. Dachshund’s are a breed like no other. That’s not a secret. We all already know that. Right? Keep reading to find out more.

Secret number one, motivation is your key to success. What motivates your Dachshund? What is the favorite thing? Are you the center of their world? If not, why not?

Secret number two, patience. Patience in training to understand your Dachshund’s needs as well as your own. Grab a pen. Write them down. What do you want? What do you want your Dachshund to do?

Dachshund catching ball

Secret number three, consistency. Training is a family game and you should all be involved to keep the training smooth. There’s no point in just one family member doing the training. Everyone has to take part. That will give you consistency. That will give your Dachshund consistency, and in turn, they will know what’s then expected of them.

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