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About Katie Saywell

Katie Saywell, is the UK’s leading Dachshund trainer, she recently relocated to the South West but has a global audience. Owned by a miniature black and tan smooth called Chipolata, who like all Dachshunds is super smart, loyal and loving but they haven’t always had an easy time, Chipolata is one of the reasons The Dogs Code was founded, to help owners who find themselves stressed, embarrassed or lacking in confidence and being challenged.

Katie was a Police Officer for 11 years, she holds a National Diploma in Animal Care, a Diploma in Animal Psychology, qualified in Principles of Dog training and Behaviour and is a accredited instructor with The IMDT (The Institute of Modern Dog Training) also a member of Pet Professional Network and ICAN. She is also an Award winning entrepreneur and recognised by Dragons Dens Theo Paphitis.

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The Dogs Code who are now proudly in association with Dachshund Rescue UK helping to reduce the amount of Dachshunds in rescue each year through training also helping those rehomed to settle in.

​We all know Dachshunds have quirky ways and are a breed like no other. At The Dogs Code, we want you to have your ideal dog and create best friends through positive training.

We aim to reduce owners stress, embarrassment and build your confidence as an owner.

​The Dogs Code take pride in only using force free positive training only allowing your dog to have a choice (no collars/sprays or physical reprimands).

Take the stress out of training and have fun with the effective results giving your dog choices. – check out the testimonials below.

Check out our training videos on Youtube

Check out our training videos on Youtube

The aim of The Dogs Code is to build confidence in dogs and owners and to create best friends through positive training

Owner and founder Katie Saywell

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